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Casual Grains

Casual Grains

To Enoch Ho, film photography began as a casual hobby, but his passion quickly grew, and nowadays, his Casual Grains project is not so casual after all.
Discovering the Roots: Exploring My Ancestral Home

Discovering the Roots: Exploring My Ancestral Home

Our ancestral home serves as a bridge that connects us to our heritage, providing a glimpse into the lives and experiences of our ancestors. The place where our roots lie holds immense significance, as it embodies the essence of our cultural identity and holds the key to unravelling the stories of generations past.
MASS MADE SOUL – Interview with Adam Richardson

MASS MADE SOUL – Interview with Adam Richardson

If you grew up in the 70s and 80s, you would not want to miss this interview with Adam Richardson, a designer and photographer passionate about vintage products with a soul!
The First 23 Years

The First 23 Years

Although he had not embarked on a career in the press, his entire approach to Photography was strongly influenced by photojournalism. This is the story of Ted Harmon, after 23 years with the camera in his hands, an inspiring and wonderfully illustrated narrative.
 GRAIN magazine Flickr Group

 GRAIN magazine Flickr Group

GRAIN magazine Flickr Group For those of you familiar with Flickr, no introduction is needed. But for those who don’t know it yet, suffice it to say that it is one of the oldest and largest online Photography communities. It has numerous advantages over other platforms, and unlike Instagram, Flickr has kept its essence throughout […]

Current Issue: No. 006


The joy in simplicity
By Ondřej Trojan

A film photography journey
By Tom Crook

I knew these people
By Bureau 623

The days run away like wild horses
By Hugo Costa

Ever Changing World
By Paul Lichte

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