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Daily Street Life of Old Delhi

Daily Street Life of Old Delhi

Driven by curiosity and wonder, Abhishek Singh’s photography focuses on the ordinary interaction of people, their life, struggle, survival and their urban/rural environment.
Randomness attracts me the most

Randomness attracts me the most

Bart Mulder, from the Netherlands, kindly agreed to be interviewed and tell us a little about his story, what sparked his passion for photography and why he prefers to use compact cameras, whether digital or analogue. From Kodak Portra 400 to Gold 200 and Ultramax 400, his film choices vary, but as for the camera, he picks the much sought after Yashica T5.
Infancia Adulta (Adult Childhood)

Infancia Adulta (Adult Childhood)

I was tidying up in my garage, and I came across a box I hadn’t touched for fifteen years. Inside it, copies on 30x40cm photographic paper, the surprise was greater when I saw that they were perfect, without marks and the colour as I remembered. Photographs on paper have an unbeatable magic, touching the photograph, feeling the texture of the paper.
The Ghazipur Garbage Hill

The Ghazipur Garbage Hill

Ghazipur Dumping Yard, at the eastern end of Delhi, India. Hundreds of scavengers, mostly women and kids, make a living out of the trash. However, due to recent government initiatives to implement recycling and bio-mining projects, this familiar and informal business will have an end in sight. Abhishek Singh, photojournalist and documentary photographer, has been following these workers since 2017, capturing for future memory the daily lives of these people. A beautifully illustrated reportage that you will not want to miss.
A Grainy World

A Grainy World

Black and white photography allows us to express emotions that we don’t find in colour, and it shows the invisible, a certain poetry in the narrative of a moment. It transcends the matter according to the light fluctuations and captures what the eye cannot figure. The tricky thing about contrasted black and white pictures is to deal with the light. When shooting outdoors and the sky is grey, skies get overexposed and the shadows gloomy.

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With a touch of grain
By Jan Malmgren

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By John Collins

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By Christian Burning

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By Elsbeth and Karl

The real fun starts when everything goes wrong
By Kevin Penkala

2 Years of Analog Photography
By Ana Sousa

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