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GRAIN is a quarterly digital magazine (downloadable PDF), for contemporary photographers with analog souls. Inside each magazine you will find some of the most impressive articles and visual stories, offering the necessary inspiration to get you to grab your camera and walk out the door.


ROOM 144

ROOM 144

For Maria, the decision to take the leap of solo travel was an extraordinary opportunity for self-growth and fulfillment. Room 144 is an invitation to embrace the journey without reservation.
Capturing the Soul of Buskerfest

Capturing the Soul of Buskerfest

Our reader David Turnbull was inspired by Henri Cartier-Bresson’s photography and decided to embark on a project that embraced simplicity. For the project, he used only one camera and a 50mm lens to photograph some of the performers at the Buskerfest Festival. David avoided the use of flashes or reflectors to maintain a focus on the performers who are the heart of the festival.
The Plight of the Street Children

The Plight of the Street Children

Abhishek Singh is a Documentary Photographer determined to tell the story of those with no voice in society. Over a long period and in collaboration with local NGOs, Abhishek followed the child labour of children who roamed the garbage hills of Old Delhi, collecting materials that may be of some value. This heartbreaking project is evidence that there is still much to be done to balance inequalities in this world.
Digicam Review – Nikon Coolpix L16 (2008)

Digicam Review – Nikon Coolpix L16 (2008)

The popularity of digicams is on the rise, and it’s evident from the increasing number of users and the amount of attention it’s getting on platforms like YouTube. However, many of us wonder if our parents’ cameras still have some life left to give. To find out, we tried out a 7-megapixel CCD sensor digicam and let you know how it went!
Casual Grains

Casual Grains

To Enoch Ho, film photography began as a casual hobby, but his passion quickly grew, and nowadays, his Casual Grains project is not so casual after all.

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Life is a Big Rollercoaster
By Maria Guzman

Mongolia Road Trip – More than just a Journey
By Melanie Többe

Chasing the “Light of the Gods”
By Grain Frame

Pentax K1000 and KEKS KM02: A match made in Analog Heaven
By Pami Stanar

Digicam Photography – A Journey Back to Basics
By Hugo Pinho

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