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My journey from digital to film

My journey from digital to film

Lukas Binder is a photographer from Vienna, Austria, and his photography journey started about three years ago, shooting the beauty in mundane and simple things. Working as a software engineer, in photography he went the opposite way, from digital to film, almost as a therapeutic activity. On analogue cameras, he appreciates the beauty of the different models and formats, their simplicity and robustness, the shutter sound and overall feeling.
The beauty of Expired

The beauty of Expired

Having become a photographer by chance, Rick Davy from Cornwall uses an eclectic choice of cameras, everything from medium-format SLRs to plastic point-and-shoots. But one thing remains constant, his growing interest in expired film, which offers the exact visual language he was looking for in his projects.
Honouring the past through photographing the present

Honouring the past through photographing the present

Audrey, from Ireland, is a brilliant young photographer that we had the pleasure of publishing in the January issue of our magazine, and whose story we decided today to share on our website as well. Her work is timeless and inspiring, with a strong inspiration from all things vintage.
Daily Street Life of Old Delhi

Daily Street Life of Old Delhi

Driven by curiosity and wonder, Abhishek Singh’s photography focuses on the ordinary interaction of people, their life, struggle, survival and their urban/rural environment.
Randomness attracts me the most

Randomness attracts me the most

Bart Mulder, from the Netherlands, kindly agreed to be interviewed and tell us a little about his story, what sparked his passion for photography and why he prefers to use compact cameras, whether digital or analogue. From Kodak Portra 400 to Gold 200 and Ultramax 400, his film choices vary, but as for the camera, he picks the much sought after Yashica T5.

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With a touch of grain
By Jan Malmgren

Kodachrome and the rural post office
By John Collins

From a small perspective – A Street photography adventure
By Christian Burning

The beginning of our love
By Elsbeth and Karl

The real fun starts when everything goes wrong
By Kevin Penkala

2 Years of Analog Photography
By Ana Sousa

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