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MASS MADE SOUL – Interview with Adam Richardson

MASS MADE SOUL – Interview with Adam Richardson

If you grew up in the 70s and 80s, you would not want to miss this interview with Adam Richardson, a designer and photographer passionate about vintage products with a soul!
The First 23 Years

The First 23 Years

Although he had not embarked on a career in the press, his entire approach to Photography was strongly influenced by photojournalism. This is the story of Ted Harmon, after 23 years with the camera in his hands, an inspiring and wonderfully illustrated narrative.
 GRAIN magazine Flickr Group

 GRAIN magazine Flickr Group

GRAIN magazine Flickr Group For those of you familiar with Flickr, no introduction is needed. But for those who don’t know it yet, suffice it to say that it is one of the oldest and largest online Photography communities. It has numerous advantages over other platforms, and unlike Instagram, Flickr has kept its essence throughout […]
My journey from digital to film

My journey from digital to film

Lukas Binder is a photographer from Vienna, Austria, and his photography journey started about three years ago, shooting the beauty in mundane and simple things. Working as a software engineer, in photography he went the opposite way, from digital to film, almost as a therapeutic activity. On analogue cameras, he appreciates the beauty of the different models and formats, their simplicity and robustness, the shutter sound and overall feeling.
The beauty of Expired

The beauty of Expired

Having become a photographer by chance, Rick Davy from Cornwall uses an eclectic choice of cameras, everything from medium-format SLRs to plastic point-and-shoots. But one thing remains constant, his growing interest in expired film, which offers the exact visual language he was looking for in his projects.

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It’s a Wrap (Up)
By Oliver Ahlbrecht

Photography is my Oxygen
By Bruno Guerreiro

No Man’s Land
By Claudia Constantini

Why do most documentary photographers shoot in black and white
By Hugo Pinho

A film look to your images with your mobile phone
By Grain

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