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GRAIN Magazine is an online journal and a quarterly digital magazine, dedicated to photography with a modern retro look, featuring photographers that, shooting mostly digital, produce work with a vintage, classic character. We look for photographers with a strong personality, who identify with this approach to photography, who are able to share their adventures, their techniques, the stories behind their images. Talented storytellers who are able to express themselves through texts and images, evoking a time, a community or a place on this amazing planet.

Each article will be unique, inspiring. There is no specific or predefined theme. We enjoy being surprised!

Submissions for Issue nine are open.

Please note: We only accept submissions that are original ideas and are not in breach of any copyright laws. Unfortunately, due to the very small size of our editorial team, we cannot guarantee an individual response to all submitted articles. We will be in touch within a month if your story has been chosen.

Please send all submissions to: